Solo Built It Review:
A Testimony from Indonesia

Solo Built It Review

I was asked by SBI to make Solo Built It Review. One of their competitor does similar business with 'different paradigm'. Before I go to the detail review, I need to inform my background on business on-line (website) briefly.

Actually, I am not familiar with IT aspect related to building website. I learn very little about html language. If I know html language a little bit, I learned it from SBI and follow what they put on their Action Guide.

This is good for anyone that has no experience in the html language and technical
aspect of website.

Even today, I don't put a lot of effort to understand the technical aspect of the website. I just leave it to SBI. I just concentrate my effort on building good pages which are valuable and profitable to visitors.

Of course, I am aware that I need to improve my website, but again, time is a critical concern. 

Before I joined SBI, I have used several website providers. There was no clear guideline to follow. I have never get the number of visitors as I expected.

As I remember, my visitors was only 25 to 30 visitors every day and my pages are not on the first page of Google.

So, I think. What the value of writing an articles on website if no people will read it. But, SBI does it differently.

SBI introduces CTPM concept: Content, Traffic, Presell, and Monetize. I agree to their concept and follow it.

Solo Built It Review:
Some Results from my Website

I have used SBI since 28 December 2009. I am very satisfied with what SBI has done for my business and website. I like SBI's concept and method in building business on-line.

They provide Action Guide on how to do business in the information technological era and their Action Guide is easy to follow even a junior high school's student could understand it. SBI instructs SBIers to follow the concept and instruction. 

I follow the concept. SBI said that Google like original articles so I create original content, choose good key word, and write minimum of 400 words.

Today, my website is visited by an average visitors of 3800 visitors every day from 110 different countries.

Its global rank in Alexa rating on November 13, 2020 is at around 380.000; its rank in Indonesia, at around 7800. Of 380 pages on my website, about 50% of them are on the first page of Google.

If word such as tujuan hidup (purpose of life), revolusi mental (mental revolution), mencegah stress (preventing stress) and other key words are searched in Google, my website is on the first page of Google.

Solo Built It Review: My Wife Make Income from her Small Business 

About the money aspect, SBI has helped my family and other people. My wife has made income from her small  business on fashion- teaching sewing courses at home.

She makes money at least US$1000 every month from that small business. She has two assistants to help her in her business. She pays salary for both assistants monthly.

This income is due to two pages of advertising of her business in my website. That income is more than enough to cover our monthly expenses in Indonesia.

I have two advertising of tax consulting companies on my website and I got small income from these which is more than enough to pay my bill to SBI.

I do not know how much money they make every month, but they have asked me to keep their advertising on my website for the last three years.

   Solo Built It Review: Try SBI and Follow their Action Guide

When I studied theology years ago, my professor said that he did not have time to learn other theologies. We just need to learn the right one, and we will know the wrong one. So, I just learn the right theology and try to understand it.

Well, SBI is not be the same as that of right theology. What I want to say is that if a person has proven the quality of a product or services and many people have given the same response to it, why not using that product or services? Just try for 90 days.

SBI's Action Guide will help you a lot and you just follow the instruction. You will be amazed by what SBI does for your business.

I don't have time to review other website hosting providers. SBI has proved that their business concept is excellence. It has helped my business with a very significant result.

SBI has also helped me share my thought about life to Indonesian people around the world. I could have not done that without SBI. I am reallly proud of being an SBIer.

My writing in English is not as good as that of in Indonesian language. I hope you get the point of my writing.

My message to you through this Solo Built It review is, if you want to build a website for your business or hobby or other purpose, use SBI.

If you are from Indonesia, just call and see me if you need more information about SBI.

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